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Crap N' A Half Icons

Cause the World's Full Of 'Crap N' A Half' Moments

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Crap 'n a Half Icons
Welcome to the media journal for stretch. Here you can expect to see a variety of artistic stuff, including banners, headers, wallpapers, icons, fanmixes and the occasional video or fanfiction. I create work in a variety of fandoms including Heroes, Twilight, Animorphs, Smallville, Kurt Halsey Artwork, and various Marvel and DC comic book titles. I occasionally take requests.

1. Don't be a bandwidth thief - no hotlinking please

2. Please comment if taking something. That way I can know what to make more of, and what nobody cares about.

3. Credit icons in keywords, credit banners in your profile. That way people can find their way back here.

4. Most of all: enjoy!

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